Photo Gallery & Testimonials

We feed fabulous people and incredible companies all over Vancouver. Our clients include: Mountain Equipment Coop, LUSH Cosmetics, 1-800 Got Junk, DHX Media, and Bardel Entertainment to name a few. Here’s what they are saying about Betty Baguette:

Not only do I love the convenience of Betty bringing sandwiches to our office, but on top of that – the sandwiches are amazing, and the soups are gourmet. I highly recommend Betty Baguette’s service.

– Erica Gordon
Executive Assistant, Plenty of Fish

I love this service! Never met a sandwich I didn’t love from Betty Baguette. And the baked treats are completely addictive.

– Adam Hanson
Moving Picture Canada

The Betty’s are great. They come to our building twice a week, it makes grabbing lunch much more convenient on busy days. What I absolutely adore is their bread!  Freshly baked everyday. The sandwiches are juicy, but the bread is never soggy.

– Helen Ngai
Cornerstone Architects

Love the sandwiches, like what I would make if I had a kitchen full of all the ingredients, and the time. Great sandwiches and other good stuff brought to my workplace by nice people, all for a reasonable price. Can’t beat that.

– Hughe Wilkinson
Human Resources Manager, RainCity Housing